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I will not be intimidated or lawsuits for large amounts, or other similar actions, “- said deputy.” you can not block someone from fulfilling a parliamentarian, just because that he is talking about things that other politician does not want to hear. the immunity is intended to guarantee the independence of MEPs, their freedom of pressures, which could prevent the representation of citizens “- she pointed out. She added that the attempt to repeal the immunity treats, as an attempt to close the mouth of both her and the entire opposition. “Trying to pick up my immunity is a double-edged sword. If in this moment, in this case is me waived immunity, it will simply mean that in any future open, fair parliamentary debate will be virtually impossible, because the opposition will be blocked Members the opportunity to ask tough questions in the public interest “- assessed Gasiuk-Pihowicz.Jak been noticed in all cases in which the committee Regimen, parliamentary affairs and politicians became immunitetowych Law and Justice, they were not deprived of immunity. “Think colleagues from Law and Justice, if you want to follow the morality of Kali? Other law governs opposition MPs and other ruling party? Is it fair? Does it have something to do with law and justice?” – the waiver of immunity pytała.Głosowanie Gasiuk-Pihowicz be held at the next sitting of the Sejm, which zaplanownao on kwiecień.Sprawa concerns events of 28 December 2006. Coming on the bus, along with his son, David’s wife J Continue reading “PayForAResearchPaper Com – Duda also thanked the representatives of the Polish community for its contribution to the Polish and Polish culture.”