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Controllers incurring illness, injury, or incapacitation at any time between the annual examinations must be medically cleared before returning to air traffic control duty. Examinations, including laboratory tests and consultations, will be accomplished to the extent required to determine medical clearance for continued duty. New employees are required to meet the retention requirements by examination during the first 10 months of service. In addition to meeting all other requirements, applicants must demonstrate possession of the traits and characteristics important in air traffic control work.

The FAA Academy specifically provides technical and managerial training and development for the body workforce and the aviation community. Since courses have different admissions criteria, prospective participants are admitted on a course-by-course basis. The curriculum is not standardized, but courses focus on subjects that are fundamental to aviation. Topics include aviation weather, airspace, clearances, reading charts, federal regulations, as well as related topics. Above all, you must possess effective communication skills to give clear and concise information as well as listen carefully to pilots’ requests.

Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative (at

Most air traffic controllers work full time, although some may work additional hours. However, the number of hours that an air traffic controller may work is regulated by the FAA. They may not work more than 10 hours straight or have less than nine hours between shifts. These air traffic controllers direct the movement of all vehicles, including aircraft, that are on taxiways and runways.

  • Only Indian Nationals who have one of the following educational qualifications (with minimum 60% marks) can apply for the post of Junior Executive .
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  • As a result, they can no longer work alone during night shifts.
  • The first airport traffic control tower, regulating arrivals, departures and surface movement of aircraft at a specific airport, opened in Cleveland in 1930.
  • Candidates who complete this training program are Air Traffic assigned to a job location where they continue their training while working.
  • Professionals already know the law, as they are required to be registered with the CAA before they can make a living out of drone operations.

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Thoughts On how To Become An Air Traffic Controller In India

Additionally, air traffic controllers must understand geography and weather conditions, engineering, computers, aeronautics, and aviation regulations. Terminal controllers, also known as tower controllers, work in towers near the runways of major airports. They give pilots permission to taxi, take off, and land their aircraft. As planes approach airports, controllers in the radar room observe the planes and direct the pilots to runways. When airports are busy, the controllers may have to fit the planes into the traffic pattern of aircraft waiting to land.