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Xamarin android player is faster than the Official android emulator. Just install any android game and run using Xamarin. Just like Android x-86, Live Android is a separate OS which can be installed on a PC.

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Hands down the best radio app template to be found at CodeCanyon, Your Radio Appis perfect for developers who want to free apk files create their own mobile Internet radio-streaming app. With a powerful admin panel, the app can manage unlimited radio stations and categories and supports many formats. Having a store finder app on your mobile phone is non-negotiable. This kind of indispensability has made the Store Finderapp template popular among developers. Users can also draw on the map, use map pins, share to Facebook and Twitter, and more. All the app data is stored in a local SQLite database, so the app works in offline mode.

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In the following method, DeleteAll is put to use along with resetting the variables and ending by printing a message to the debug console. Next, the OnGui method will create a Graphical User Interface from code to manipulate these values. Two buttons created in the method will increase intToSave and floatToSave, and a text field will be made for stringToSave.

  • Click the Add button to manually add a game to GeForce Experience, and it should show up in Moonlight when you relaunch.
  • Sure, you can make local backups of your phone data or sync down all your photos, but it is a good idea to maintain a cloud back up as well.
  • You can even plug in a gamepad and configure it, if you have one.

This android game is one of the best games that are including brutal and dangerous mortal combats. With this multitasking game you can experience exciting and real victory over your rivals. As one of the largest console fighting games that you are able to play on your android tablet or phone, this multiplayer game will give you the fun of a lifetime. Another plus for this battle game app is the single player mode which game flow is with customized bots. With these remarkable features Sea Battles strikes on the top of the best multiplayer mobile games list. When you click Connect, your phone or tablet will present you with a list of games, ready to stream. If you tap one, it should start playing right on your device—with full gamepad support, if you have a compatible one plugged in or paired.

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Rainway for iOS allows you to access and play all the PC games you own from Steam, Epic Games, Xbox Gamepass, and 20 other digital game services on your iOS device. Rainway for iOS is simple to use and brings PC games to mobile devices with features such as simple password-free login. You just hold your device near your Windows 10-based Rainway Dashboard and you’re connected instantly to your game library. And then there is Rainway, which is focusing on PC gamers and the games that they already own. This service gives them the freedom to play those games across other screens. Before 2016, the founders Sampson and Evan Banyash were living near Atlanta, building a remote desktop administration service. Then they pivoted away from that because they found everyone was using the service to play video games inside a web browser.